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Custom Work

Custom Work

We also build: Any type of Custom Software, Custom Websites, E-Commerce Applications, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems), CMSs (Content Management Systems), Logos, MLM Websites and much more and much more.

If you have seen something on the web somewhat similar to what you want, then we can build it no matter how complicated it may be. Our prices are very competitive --- only a fraction of what others charge.

This custom work that we perform is offered with a one-time charge, free from the monthly charges that are so rampant in the industry. So, it's a one-time expense, with no additional monthly fees, unless you choose to have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work performed on a continuous basis. Over time, you'll enjoy significant savings, which total hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Our goal is to craft high quality, SEO-friendly web applications that will enable you to profit from the traffic that's generated.

Also, since we are a SEO company, we can afford to charge only a fraction of what others charge. Our primary goal is to keep our ever-expanding development team busy at all times. And since quality is what we are known for, you can rest assured knowing that all of our custom solutions are also built to our top quality standards. Another advantage that we offer is that our custom websites and videos come complete with all of the essential SEO work fully integrated into them. In addition, the website coding is clean and SEO optimized. Too often, we run into people that had a somewhat nice looking website made, but since the coding is "spaghetti code," the site ranks poorly in the search engines. Our goal is to craft high quality, SEO-friendly websites that will enable you to profit from the traffic that's generated. Your website shouldn't cost you money; it should be generating revenue for you from free organic traffic!

So, let Magic Business Builder™ build a custom solution for your company today, and start experiencing results that you thought were either too expensive or impossible to achieve. We believe that the exceptional results we deliver at affordable prices will make a believer out of you!


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We promote your business beyond your expectations and bring you customers!

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The Difference

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge huge monthly fees, or lock you into contracts. Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Magic Business Builder™ was born out of the frustration felt by business owners who were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective advertising, often matched with an incomplete and lackluster web presence.

We wanted to be different, so we started our "put our money where our mouth is" corporate philosophy. This is why we put together a complete, and professional fully SEO optimized web presence for your company, so that web traffic translates into paying customers, not just merely visitors.

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All of our custom solutions are built to our top quality standards.

Stunning Websites

We create visually stunning fully SEO optimized websites that more than pay for themselves!

A Top SEO Authority

We take your company to the top of the search engines, and prove it by doing it without contracts!

Engaging Apps

As an SEO company our Apps bring you customers, yet are both engaging and visually appealing.