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Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings

Professional fully SEO optimized local business listings can bring you more customers than anything else you can do for your business, since these listings often pull up ahead of anything else on the search engines.

These local business listings can contain detailed information about the business, such as: description, hours, photos, videos, reviews and more. This information can greatly increase sales by allowing consumers to make buying decisions that are often immediately acted upon.

Today, people rely on local business listings as part of their shopping routines. These local business listings, if professionally fully SEO optimized, often provides the greatest amount of traffic to a business, and are vital to a company's growth in today's marketplace. So today, it is very important for businesses to take full advantage of local business listings. This is why Magic Business Builder™ builds professional fully SEO optimized and promoted local business listings. These local business listings are designed to have the business show-up in Internet searches ahead of anything else.

Local Business Listings

For privacy reasons, here a just a few of the many things we can do to create/enhance your local business listing.

  • Fully SEO optimize and promote your local business listing.
  • Create a business map showing the business's location on Google searches.
  • Create detailed information about the business in order to increase sales. This detailed information can include: Reviews, Photos, Videos, Business Hours, Business description, and more.
  • Create/enhance a professional, upgraded local business listing for maximum consumer appeal and increased sales.

We are experts in creating/enhancing and promoting professional fully SEO optimized local business listings. Since we are an SEO company and not just a local business listings design/creation company, our number one priority is bringing you SEO benefits from your local business listings. We utilize the latest advancements in SEO, so that your local business listings bring you customers. This allows your company to profit from local business listings, and not just merely have ineffective local business listings. However, since we are true designers, creating powerful and attractive local business listings is part of what we do and who we are.

We create/enhance local business listings into something that consumers want to do business with. We can produce a high quality professional local business listing for your company that is fully SEO optimized, for a lot less than what others charge for a non-SEO optimized standard local business listing, since we are an SEO company and not dependent on the profits from local business listings creation/enhancement to sustain our company.

So let Magic Business Builder™ build and promote fully SEO optimized local business listings for your company today, and start experiencing results that you thought were out of reach for your company. We believe that the impressive explosive results that a fully SEO optimized local business listing we create/enhance for you can deliver, will make a believer out of you and keep you as our long term customer!


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We promote your business beyond your expectations and bring you customers!

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The Difference

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge huge monthly fees, or lock you into contracts. Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Magic Business Builder™ was born out of the frustration felt by business owners who were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective advertising, often matched with an incomplete and lackluster web presence.

We wanted to be different, so we started our "put our money where our mouth is" corporate philosophy. This is why we put together a complete, and professional fully SEO optimized web presence for your company, so that web traffic translates into paying customers, not just merely visitors.


Milton Arch is the Director of Magic Business Builder™. Milton has extensive experience in the Search Engine Optimization & Web development arenas, and is highly sought after for his expertise.

Milton has been able to successfully help clients generate more revenue through SEO, and through world class custom web solutions. This synergy has produced truly exceptional results for clients, that otherwise would not have been possible. Milton is also responsible for bringing the "put our money where our mouth is" philosophy to Magic Business Builder™.

Milton Arch is also a Minister of the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ, and maintains a separate independent ministry, www.MiltonArch.com.

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We separate ourselves from others by not: charging huge monthly fees, or locking you into contracts.
Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

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We create visually stunning fully SEO optimized websites that more than pay for themselves!

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We take your company to the top of the search engines, and prove it by doing it without contracts!

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As an SEO company our Apps bring you customers, yet are both engaging and visually appealing.