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Social media gives your company a professional and trustworthy appearance. Prospective customers can see prior posts that you have made, likes, comments others have made, and much more. These can serve as a sort of track record for your company, which shows longevity and builds consumer confidence in your company. Studies show that consumers are more likely to do business with companies that have a social media presence, than those that don't. This is especially true among active social media users. So, social media marketing can give you an edge over your competition. This is why it is particularly important to employ social media marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

One of the many benefits of using social media marketing is that for an equal amount of money, you can often reach many more potential customers than through traditional marketing. This is because the effects of social media marketing get multiplied as people share your company with their social network, and so on. This multiplicative effect can grow into something quite massive, and is what can lead to something going "viral". Many companies have grown their businesses to extraordinary heights using social media marketing alone. Social media marketing can offer the greatest ROI (return on investment).

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Social media can also give you huge insights into your customers and potential customers. With a social media presence for your business, you can easily monitor consumer's habits, preferences and other behaviors. This wealth of data can then be translated into tangible marketing campaigns, and can also be used to make positive adjustments to your business. Companies such as Taco Bell® have tapped into social media to get a better understanding of their customers and have reaped the rewards. More and more companies are taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. This trend will continue as companies learn to truly leverage the power of social media.

Another often overlooked benefit of social media is that it gives companies the opportunity to interact with customers and improve customer service in doing so. Customers will often reach out to a company through social media. This allows you to answer questions and solve any problems in an open forum where everyone can see. This transparency allows potential customers to see the quality of your business's customer service. This can really allow your company improve its' overall image, while simultaneously picking up a massive amount of sales, as the word travels quickly.

We at Magic Business Builder™ are experts in social media design, creation and marketing. Since we are an SEO company and not just a social media design/creation company, our number one priority is bringing you SEO benefits from all of your social media. We utilize the latest advancements in SEO, so that your social media brings you customers. This allows your company to profit from social media, and not just merely have a social media presence. However, since we are true designers, creating a powerful and attractive social media presence is second nature to us. This way, your social media presence is something that consumers want to do business with. We can produce a high quality professional social media presence for your company that is fully SEO optimized, for a lot less than what others charge for non-SEO optimized standard social media design, since we are an SEO company and not dependant on the profits from social media design to sustain our company.

So, let Magic Business Builder™ build and promote a fully SEO optimized social media presence for your company today, and start experiencing results that you thought were out of reach for your company. We believe that the explosive results that the fully SEO optimized social media presence we build for you can deliver, will make a believer out of you and keep you as our long term customer!

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Unlike our competitors, we don't charge huge monthly fees, or lock you into contracts. Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Magic Business Builder™ was born out of the frustration felt by business owners who were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective advertising, often matched with an incomplete and lackluster web presence.

We wanted to be different, so we started our "put our money where our mouth is" corporate philosophy. This is why we put together a complete, and professional fully SEO optimized web presence for your company, so that web traffic translates into paying customers, not just merely visitors.

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