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Website Production

Today there are over a billion websites on the Internet. So your website must stand out from the rest in order to get noticed.

Thus, the first thing you need to do is to create a compelling design, built on the latest platforms that will draw your audience in. The coding for your website also has to be super clean or it will not rank properly on the search engines and the functionality of the website can suffer as well.

Another area of concern is the functionality of your website. The website must be easy to navigate, yet remain elegant and cutting edge in design. And lastly, yet most importantly, the website must rank high on the search engines in order to drive customers to your business and increase your company's bottom line.

Responsive Website Development

Magic Business Builder™ excels at creating award winning websites that are both visually stunning, and that also drive massive amounts of traffic to them. We are different than website companies that also do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because our bread and butter is SEO. We are a SEO company with real software programmers that can build websites from the ground up without having to use programs to create websites. These programs just interfere with SEO and severely limit the design, beauty and function of websites. These unnecessary programs that website design companies use often interfere with browser compatibility. We hand code your website, just like fortune 500 companies do for their websites. Thus we can truly integrate your vision with our artists, developers and SEO team, in order to create award winning websites that also drive traffic to them. This enables us to always remain light years ahead of the competition, although our prices are much less.

Most importantly, we know SEO in and out and don't need to play around with Pay per Click campaigns to bring traffic to our customer's websites. We are a SEO first company, and broke our teeth bringing established websites to the top of the search engines. We did this without contracts, so our service had to work for us to remain in business. This philosophy continues today, and is what has led to our unprecedented growth.

So let Magic Business Builder™ build and promote a stunning professional fully SEO optimized website for your company today, and start experiencing results that you thought were either too expensive or impossible to achieve. We believe that the exceptional results we deliver at affordable prices will make a believer out of you!


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The Difference

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge huge monthly fees, or lock you into contracts. Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Magic Business Builder™ was born out of the frustration felt by business owners who were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective advertising, often matched with an incomplete and lackluster web presence.

We wanted to be different, so we started our "put our money where our mouth is" corporate philosophy. This is why we put together a complete, and professional fully SEO optimized web presence for your company, so that web traffic translates into paying customers, not just merely visitors.


Milton Arch is the Director of Magic Business Builder™. Milton has extensive experience in the Search Engine Optimization & Web development arenas, and is highly sought after for his expertise.

Milton has been able to successfully help clients generate more revenue through SEO, and through world class custom web solutions. This synergy has produced truly exceptional results for clients, that otherwise would not have been possible. Milton is also responsible for bringing the "put our money where our mouth is" philosophy to Magic Business Builder™.

Milton Arch is also a Minister of the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ, and maintains a separate independent ministry, www.MiltonArch.com.

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We separate ourselves from others by not: charging huge monthly fees, or locking you into contracts.
Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Stunning Websites

We create visually stunning fully SEO optimized websites that more than pay for themselves!

A Top SEO Authority

We take your company to the top of the search engines, and prove it by doing it without contracts!

Engaging Apps

As an SEO company our Apps bring you customers, yet are both engaging and visually appealing.