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Magic Business Builder - Introduction


Congratulations! You either currently own or manage a company, and have superb products and/or services to offer. The business is making money, but not the kind of profits you envisioned.

You see similar companies amassing a fortune and you know that you can do even better because you provide superior products and/or services. You have tried many things, including Internet advertising, but you still have not experienced the exceptional results needed to propel your business forward.

Let's face it, in today's market, print advertising is dead, and television advertising is suffering due to technologies, such as DVRs, that permit fast forwarding of commercials. And with more and more companies utilizing web advertising, basic Internet advertising is no longer enough.

In truth, you have two problems on your hands. The first is spreading the word about your products and/or services. The second is getting consumers to take action on your promotions. Fortunately, Magic Business Builder™ can resolve both of these dilemmas. As a leading authority on

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Website Production,
  • Website Marketing,
  • Video Production,
  • Video Marketing,
  • Local Business Listing Design,
  • Local Business Listing Marketing,
  • Social Media Design,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • App Production,
  • App Marketing,
  • SEM,
  • Internet Marketing
  • and much more, we know how to effectively promote your business!

Magic Business Builder™ also knows how to create a completely professional and fully SEO optimized web presence for your business so that potential customers turn into paying customers which means your company will attain greater heights and realize bigger profits!

Millions of people scour the web for products and services each day. Companies with a complete, professional web presence that ranks high on search results lists can experience record profits, and can also take valuable market share away from the competition! The internet, when properly harnessed by professionals with a vested interest in your success, can grow your business more effectively than all other forms of advertising combined!

Any company can promise first page search results' rankings. It's easy to say these things, but when the "rubber meets the road", the moment of truth arrives. That's the moment you are asked to sign a long-term contract or take on huge monthly fees. Moreover, first page search result rankings alone are not enough in today's market. You also need a complete, professional, and fully SEO optimized web presence.

With Magic Business Builder™, not only do you receive our "put our money where our mouth is" pledge, but we afford you the opportunity to correspond directly with the individual who is supervising your project. Unlike competitors who employ machines that can only respond through generic emails, Magic Business Builder uses real people that can spot problems, solve them and allow your business to take full advantage of the Internet in order to grow!

Magic Business Builder™ separates themselves from similar businesses by the way we do business, which results in solid customer satisfaction and a 98% monthly client retention rate because we put our money where our mouth is. We do NOT: charge huge monthly fees or lock you into contracts.

So pick up the phone or email us right now, and watch your business boom! You will be amazed. Find out for yourself why the Magic Business Builder™ is known as the one of the most cost effective web development and Internet marketing companies in existence today!

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A Top Authority

We promote your business beyond your expectations and bring you customers!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website Production
  • Website Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Video Marketing
  • Local Business Listing Design
  • Local Business Listing Marketing
  • Social Media Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • App Production
  • App Marketing
  • SEM
  • Internet Marketing
  • and much more!

The Difference

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge huge monthly fees or lock you into contracts. Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Magic Business Builder™ was born out of the frustration felt by business owners who were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective advertising and an incomplete, lackluster web presence.

We wanted to be different, so we developed a "put our money where our mouth is" corporate philosophy. This is why we put together a complete, professional, fully SEO optimized web presence for your company that can translate web traffic into paying customers instead of mere visitors.

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We separate ourselves from others by not: charging huge monthly fees, or locking you into contracts.
Yet we retain over 98% of our customers on a monthly basis!

Stunning Websites

We create visually stunning fully SEO optimized websites that more than pay for themselves!

A Top SEO Authority

We take your company to the top of the search engines, and prove it by doing it without contracts!

Engaging Apps

As an SEO company our Apps bring you customers, yet are both engaging and visually appealing.